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Affordable Group Tutoring – Math


Jul 12 2022


4:00 PM - 5:30 PM



Small group tutoring will incorporate a certified teacher as well as High School tutors. Each session will include 30-45 minutes of educational play, 30-45 minutes of direct instruction, and some homework help or free play with Lego and other building toys.

A more detailed description of our tutoring program can be found here: https://lasteamlab.com/programs/tutoring/group-tutoring-and-homework-help/

This purchase is an auto-renewable payment for monthly tutoring.  You may cancel at any time.

Grades: 1st – 6th
Start Date: Open Enrollment
Days (for June – July might change)
* ELA: 
Monday, 4:00 – 5:30
* Math: Tuesday, 4:00 – 5:30


We believe in affordable tutoring and the importance of small groups.  While we are seeking avenues to subsidize this program, we also know there is an immediate need and we feel that urgency. This Spring we are implementing a sliding scale for tutoring costs. Choose what you can comfortably pay, no questions asked.

* $11/session ($44/month) covers the cost of the program
* $16/session ($64/month) will help subsidize the program for others or pay our rent
* $6/session ($24/month) is for families that can pay something, but perhaps not full price

We’ll always provide full scholarships as well, you just need to reach out to us.

Covid Policies

We strive to create a very covid-conscious environment in order to protect and be inclusive of medically vulnerable families. We have multiple HEPA filtration units in the building and have placed MERV 8 filters in our HVAC returns. We’ll keep doors open when the weather is reasonable.

We’ll also continue to use masking as one of our strategies to prevent covid transmission. When the local weekly case count exceeds 75 cases per 100K we will mask indoors. When that case count exceeds 200 cases per 100K we will mask outdoors. We will use the 14-day rolling average to remove masks and the 7-day rolling average to return them.

If your child has been identified as close contact or if they or their siblings have any symptoms of illness, please have a conversation with us about your attendance. We would much rather refund your money for a week than risk exposing an entire class.

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